For the safety of all of our members and guests, all individuals participating in Ocean State Curling Club activities must provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 and a mask is recommended. We hold the safety and well-being of our community as our top priority, and our board is in regular discussions about what curling will look like when we can get back on the ice. We will be sharing our guidelines that will dictate how a return to curling will look for OSCC soon at this page, and will continue to be updated as time goes on. Last updated: November 20, 2021

Vaccination Policy

Participation in any Ocean State Curling Club events (leagues, Learn to Curls, etc.) during the 2021-2022 season will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Proof of vaccination may be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you may show your proof of vaccination at your curling event.

Self Screening before curling

   All curlers shall self-check prior to attending a curling event using the CDC Coronavirus Self Checker: and should not attend their curling event if indicated by the self checker. 

What you may expect at the Rink 

   Mask Policy

  • Masks covering mouth and nose are recommended for everyone off and on the ice. 

   Arriving to the Rink

  • Enter the arena no more than 15 minutes before the start of your event.
  • Each person will be asked to provide feedback to a health screening at the time of arrival or self-screen prior to arrival.
  • Arrive dressed for curling (with the exception of curling shoes), stretched, and ready to curl.
  • While waiting in the bleachers for setup, please remain socially distant from other members.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided and located at the entrance to the ice, and at each end of the sheets.
  • An OSCC member may record attendance for the purpose of contact tracing.

Setup and Breakdown of Equipment 

   Curling Setup

  • For League Curling - The league will designate teams/individuals with specific tasks involved in setup.  
  • For other curling events, volunteers will be designated with specific tasks involved in setup
  • No more than one person will be allowed in the storage area at a time. 
    • Individuals may rotate in and out of the storage area during setup.
    • One individual will be responsible for removing items from the storage area and placing them in the walkway just outside of the storage area. 
    • No more than one person at a time should be in the walkway area. 
    • One individual will be responsible for bringing the cart or other items from the walkway to the rink. 
  • Each team will be responsible for sanitizing their stone handles before and after each match.
    • Sanitizing wipes will be provided.
    • The carts also act as storage units for the stones, so they may be sanitized prior to placement in the storage area.
  • Brooms and stabilizers should also be sanitized before and after each match.

   Pre-Match guidelines

  • Hammer will be determined by Coin Toss or Rock-Paper-Scissors
  • In lieu of Pre-Game Handshakes, simply say “Good Curling”.

   In game guidelines

  • Player’s Stones
    • Players should use the same two stones throughout the entire match. 
      • Stones should be checked to ensure that their numbers are clearly marked, and numbers should be replaced, if needed.
    • Players should not touch other stones except with a broom or foot.

   Brooms, Stabilizers, and Sliders

  • Brooms
    • Players utilizing club brooms should use a sanitizing wipe on the broom before and after each game.
  • Stabilizers
    • Players utilizing stabilizers should wipe them down after each match.  When possible, use a broom to move the stabilizer.
    • Each player utilizing a club stabilizer should utilize hand sanitizer prior to use. 
  • Sliders
    • Players utilizing sliders should wipe them down after each match.  When possible, use a broom to move the sliders.
    • Each player utilizing a slider should utilize hand sanitizer prior to use. 


  • Vices will determine scoring as normal, but only the vice of the team who started the match with the hammer will be responsible for placing scoring markers on the board for both teams.

   Clearing stones from the house

  • To the extent possible only use brooms or feet to move stones.

   Water Bottles and other beverage containers should be kept separate and not shared between curlers.


Post Match Guidelines

When exiting the ice, please maintain a safe distance from other curlers.

   Curling Cleanup

  • Each team will be responsible for putting away their own stones.
  • Stone handles should be wiped down with sanitizing wipes after each match.
  • One individual from each team will be responsible for moving the cart back into the storage area.
    •   As with setup, only one individual will be allowed in the storage area at a time.  
  • Specific individuals will be assigned other clean up duties such as, removing the hacks, picking up the cones, placing sliders and stabilizers back in their bins, and bringing that equipment back to the storage area.
  • Each individual who uses a league broom will be responsible for wiping it down with sanitizing wipes after the match and placing it back in the barrel.


Additional considerations for curling during COVID-19 

  • The curling season may be halted due to a spike in infection rates, updated guidance from the rink, town, state, or CDC.
  • All curlers must follow the isolation, quarantine, and testing rules of the Rhode Island Department of Health
  • We encourage you all to follow the CDC-outlined prevention measures, including frequent hand washing and staying home if you or your family are sick. 
  • If you develop any symptoms like fever, cough, or shortness of breath, please first contact your doctor and the RIDOH COVID-19 Info Line at 401-222-8022 (or your local DOH). If you have been curling, please We would also request that you reach out to use at this confidential address to alert our board leadership: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • If you or someone you live with tests positive for COVID-19 or are diagnosed with COVID-19, please self-isolate or quarantine as prescribed by local and CDC guidelines, and alert the club through the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email address.  


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This was the presentation on curling strategy given to club members in October 2014.

Here are some presentations that were made available at the Hot Shots Curling Camp in August 2011. Hope you find them useful!

Stretching Excercises to Warm Up and Cool Down - Stretching before and after curling can improve performance and, more importantly, help prevent injuries.

Skip's Handbook - A great guide for new skips!

The Curling School - An online curling manual covering all aspects of the game.

Curling Club Operations Manual from the Canadian Curling Association


Here are the minutes from the recent Ocean State Curling Club Board of Directors' meetings. For questions or concerns, please contact a club director at any time. Contact information for club directors is available from the Club Contacts link under Club Info.


Here are the latest issues of "In the Hack", the Ocean State Curling Club seasonal newsletter. If you have any ideas on content or would like to submit an article, please forward it to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  .


On April 21, 2015, the Board of Directors of OSCC approved a motion to adopt a business plan for fundraising and building a dedicated curling facility in Rhode Island. The plan, branded "A Community Enhancement", is meant to focus not only on how establishing a curling facility in Rhode Island will bring the club's membership together as an enhanced curling community, but to highlight the ways the new facility will also serve as a far-reaching community benefit, extending beyond the club members who will enjoy using the facility on a regular basis. The plan is included in the link below. The plan lays out the timeline for fundraising, budget estimates and construction and operating cost projections. These are ambitious goals and will require a lot of effort from much of the club membership and beyond, but it is very obtainable and will allow OSCC to fully reach its objective of supporting the whole community. To get involved in helping your club reach its goals, please contact a member of the board and let them know how you'd like to help.

Ocean State Curling Club - A Community Enhancement (04/21/2015)



Any night that you cannot attend league curling you are asked to arrange for a substitute so that your team can play without you.  Please take the effort to arrange for a sub as early as possible as it may take some time to find someone who can curl for you!

There are several ways that you can find club members who are available and willing to curl for you.   The best way is to check the "Sub List" under "League Info" in the "Member's Menu" (to the right of the screen or select Members Only from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen if you're accessing this page on your phone).  Then pick the league night that you need to find a sub and a list of subs available to curl on that night will come up.  Click the "Email" button next to any member's name to contact them about filling in for you.  As people check their emails with different regularity, you will need to contact several different members to ensure you are able to arrange one in time for your league night.

Alternatively, select "Teams, Schedules, Standings" under "League Info" in the "Member's Menu" (to the right of the screen or select Members Only from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen if you're accessing this page on your phone).  Then select "Teams" next to the night of league play that you don't play.  This will bring up a list of names of member's who curl on the other league night.  Some of them may be interested in playing for you on their off night.  You can reach them by then searching their names in the "Member Search & Contact" link under "Club Info" in the "Member's Menu".

Any time you know you will not be able to make a league curling night you should also contact your skip to let them know that you will be away.  If you have any difficulty finding a sub, they too might be able to assist in finding one.  Once you know who will be subbing for you on the night you will be away be sure to inform your skip so they will know who your substitute is.  Also be sure to inform the member filling in for you who your skip is so that they know who they're playing with when they get there to fill in for you.


The following are the 2017-2018 Ocean State Curling Club rules of league play, ice setup instructions, rules of etiquette, information about broomstacking and other useful documents:

  • League Rules - 2018-2019 Curling Season
  • Winter Weather Policy - It's snowing! Is curling still on? Read the club policy here.
  • Ice Setup Instructions - Everyone can help out to get the ice ready faster and start curling sooner.
  • Broomstacking occurs every evening after curling. Join your teammates, opponents and other club members for refreshments after the game to celebrate another evening of getting to play the game we all love! Please respect the tradition... always Broomstack responsibly!
  • Previous League Winners - Past OSCC league champions!
  • Russ Lemcke Award - OSCC Volunteer of the Year
  • GNCC Arena Championship Selection Process - Due to the popularity of this event and the GNCC's limitation on the number of teams that each arena club can enter, guidelines have been adopted within our club for a process to select curlers and teams from the club members who express an interest in attending the GNCC Arena Championships. The 2019 GNCC Arena Championships will be held from June 6-9, 2019 at Providence College - hosted by Ocean State Curling Club!
  • OSCC By Laws - amended March 6, 2019 (original OSCC By Laws available here). 


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