GNCC 2024 Draw

2024 GNCC Arena Club Championship Draw and Team Rosters

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Click on your team name in the list below the draw to view your path to the finals...

2024 GNCC draft draw 20240808


Click on your team name in the list below to view your path to the finals... 

TeamSkipViceSecondLeadFifth (if applicable)
Blackstone Valley 1 (White) Ken White Darcy Shave Kellan Shave Lori Takalo  
Blackstone Valley 2 (DeLisle) Dorsan DeLisle Jordan Hurley Mike McKay Kirk Thomas  
Colonial 1 (Maley) Madison Maley Chris clancy Steve McMillan Rob Duncan  
Colonial 2 (Wright) Dillon Wright Alison O'Connor Nic Smits Molly Cain  
Diamond State 1 (Donovan) Dewey Donovan Mike Vild Alex Zimmerman Phil Wilcox  
Diamond State 2 (Grillo) John Grillo Anna Grillo Jim Zoladz Dave Yeager  
Jersey Pinelands (Frizzle) Shawn Frizzle Mary Alice Cleve Jeff Cleve Andy Gliddon  
Long Island 1 (Harmon) Elizabeth Harmon Neil Brown Jordan Krais Michael Trabold  
Long Island 2 (Wisbauer) Keith Wisbauer Frank Buquicchio Michael Kelly Mike Greene  
Nittany Valley 1 (Lachendro) Mark Lachendro Matt Coleman Ron Lutz Jason Moran  
North End 1 (Featherston) Joseph Featherston Anthony Viego Nicholas Sarkis James Talmage  
North End 2 (Pettigrew) Joel Pettigrew Scott Cleve Bill Lamberson Nimmi Cleve  
Ocean State 1 (Ribeiro) Seth Ribeiro Jamie Kent Jordan Maddock Keri Saccoia-Beggs  
Ocean State 2 (Rosler) Dave Rosler Dylan Bukaweski Kyle Averill Leanne Hallam  
Ocean State 3 (Ervin) Kathy Ervin Mike Morin Jayden Thai Brian Austin  
Oklahoma 1 (Romero) Alejandro Romero Dan Matthew Nick Mertes Trista Matthew  
Oklahoma 2 (Claxton) Matt Claxton Mark Ngo Heather Claxton Megan Moore  
Orlando (Morrison) Bill Morrison Brian Bird Monica Kolb Tom Walczyk  
Pawcatuck River 1 (Frechette) Donald Frechette Mike Corcoran Justin Pearce Dave Richotte  
Pawcatuck River 2 (Taylor) Howard Taylor Greg Waterman Anastasia Taylor Kathy Gehring  
Plymouth Rocks 1 (Shagoury) Andrew Shagoury Stanley Freeman Michael Abraham Steven Ripkey  
Plymouth Rocks 2 (Heffner) Link Heffner Bob Chandler Patty Heffner Mark Ellis  
Rail City 1 (Scanlan) Shannon Scanlan Scott Noel Jon Christoff Patrick Baney  
Rail City 2 (Murgo) Joe Murgo Kurt Rodland Mara Murgo Doug Merritts  
Rocket City 1 (Stewart) Shane Stewart Andy Spear Sarah Spear Elizabeth Tanner  
Rocket City 2 (Russ) Brice Russ Ben Estes Bear Marples Kevin Rodriguez  
Rutland Rocks 1 (Mooney) Dean Mooney Linda Mercier Tristan MacGregor-Stewart Amanda Bogertman  
Rutland Rocks 2 (Crossman) David Crossman Diane Poulet Carole Bibeau Gary Watulak  
South Shore 1 (Quinn) Jamie Quinn Kieran Chapman LeRoy Woodman Mary Beth Cordeiro  
South Shore 2 (Zuber) James Zuber Caitlin Zuber Jim Chaplin Dee Chaplin  
Upper Valley 1 (Blessing) Nancy Blessing Tracy Frazee Kristi Collins Lindsey Jackson Robert Cooper
Woodstock / Plymouth (Flanders) Jay Flanders Dave Gyger Chris Miller Paula Flanders  


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